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Organic vocals and pre-Hispanic tribal sounds with futuristic rhythms to create a soundscape that transcends time and space.

Jean Claude Ades

Jean Claude Ades, the main artist of the release is a unique and well-versed music producer with many Beatport #1s under his belt. He combines influences from around the world to finely craft the perfect track – sending dancefloors on a musical journey that transcends genre boundaries.

Sobek deliver us an amazing remix on Jean Claude's track ''Heaven'', Named after the Egyptian crocodile god, it’s not only his name that has everyone talking. For the last few years Sobek has been crafting a unique sound within the realms of House and Techno. Whether it be deconstructing glossy polished originals with his unrivalled remixing talent, or days spent in the studio creating innovative and thought provoking original music across many sub genres, his sound simple has no boundaries.

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Jean Claude Ades


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