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MoM, Alvaro Suarez and Holed Coin offering us a journey of sound full of colors, nuances and rhythms. Acclaimed storytellers and producers with a unique musical project. Their tracks reflect their broad non-electronic influences combined with minimal touches and deep elements.

MoM, Alvaro Suarez, Holed Coin

MoM experienced his very first contact with a turntable in 1989, in his town of birth Córdoba (Spain), led to it by an impassioned attraction of Acid-House music and the earliest Funky-Disco editions. The first years‘ overflowing energy started turning into a restless search of music deepness, the label WORKS’ deep-house being the beginning of o change that , after several years, would be related to a substantial drawdown of pitch in the tracks also. His wide experience altogether with creativity headed MoM to a new professional challenge, successfully leading the marketing department of the record label Pep’s Records (Madrid).Álvaro Suárez is a spanish musician currently living in Copenhagen (Denmark).
At 5 years old he started to study violin and from then on his interest on music increased day by day, opening his mind for another styles out of classical music but without leaving the violin aside. Influence of his classical studies in Alvaro’s music is huge, giving big importance to melodic elements on his tracks and dj sets. The idea of making a link between classical and electronic music has been always on his mind so he supports his sets playing live violin.Holed Coin’s objective is to tell stories and invoke feelings in the listener with a fusion of organic and electronic sounds.

MoM, Alvaro Suarez, Holed Coin


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