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A deeply rooted collection of ancient-afro indige:nous earth sounds. Transmit Ramyen’s own emotions that evoke a cosmic universal dance.


Ramyen is a producer and dj based in Paris. He is running the deepest clubs around like Manko Paris, Mirage Paris, Sanctum Paris and Aum Parties. He creates his community with his very own parties he is making around, and because of the great enthusiasm of crowds dancing on his music. Resident at Mirage Paris, he’s launching in there a party brain named Casa Luna, every thursday, bringing guest from labels he collaborates with.

Member of a crew named Indie House Records with David Reyner (FR) and Villanova (FR), they are residents DJs of the Indie Group St Tropez (Pablo St Tropez, Indie Beach House, Intrusion). His first release Pay Your Tribute To Felix on SwitchLab® have been on top of the "New Release Chart" for more than three weeks. Each track also top charted in these own categories. New releases available on October 20th and 24th, on Pipe & Pochet® and Lump Records®.

Leta Major


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