3 artists from Portugal who once again joined their ideas to create a new project: “Ossos”.

Ohxalá is the musical project of Maria & Luis. The duo is eager to explore a thematic cut with a focus on Portuguese, Brazilian and African culture, inspired by the strong rhythmic founda- tion of popular and ancient music. They did not skimp on the effort to incorporate tradicional ethnic folk elements into contemporary elec- tronic music and that makes this project a unique musical experience.

Spike is an actor and diretor by profession. Made his first participation with Ohxalá with the writing and performance of the theme “Urubu Violeta”.

After the success of their first track together, Spike wrote and gave voice to new songs, presented now in Bercana Music.

The culmination of this project, with the live show, is a symbiosis between these artists from different backgrounds (Music, Theater and Photography) with the same aim of creating a moment of sharing where the rhythms and all the aesthetics are a fusion between the mystic, the ancient, the pagan and the unavoidable contemporary.



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