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From a Techno Kick to a melody on the Lyra, Dogus Cihan and Duygu Civas oscillates between multiple influences. Their music has got hypnotic power. It settles in your body, whirls in your head, and might ultimately be as one with your inner self.

Dogus Cihan

A graffiti artist who grew up on funk, soul, drum’n’bass and breakbeat, Dogus Cihan turned onto electronic music in late 1990s. An Istanbul based DJ and producer, he started his DJing career in 2000 playing at various venues and events, (Soho, Taps, Maksim, New Yorker etc.) mostly focused on electronica. His interest in house music started to grow in 2003, when he became a resident at Anjelique and Wan-na, the most prominent nightclubs in Istanbul. The year after, as he took over the sole residency, his sets progressed towards deep, tech and progressive house filled with emotional structure. More recently, he was behind the Sounds of Anjelique projects, compiling and mixing eight volumes of compilation albums that recall the excitement and high energy of his sets.

Dogus Cihan had his bachelor degree in Music from Istanbul Bilgi University both focused on music composition as well as sound engineering. As a producer his carefully chosen sounds drive towards slowly evolving arrangements with a sense of dark melodies and chords supported by heavy basslines. Mostly influenced by his brother, Doruk Cihan, Bob James, Arthur Baker, Nick Warren, Jimpster and Gui Boratto, the deep and powerful story in his tracks unfolds with driving beats and rich melodies.

With a diverse taste in music, his unique sets have not only changed the sound in the venues he plays at, but also placed him among the very few who succeed in transforming the music scene in Istanbul. Having shared decks with Nick Warren, Satoshi Tomiie, Dave Seamen, Lee Burridge, Hernan Cattaneo, François K, Danny Howells, Behrouz, Sharam, Jody Wisternoff, Mark Knight among others.

Dogus Cihan is still traveling around the world, playing in Clubs and holds his residency on FG Radio while he’s working on his productions and Mixing Mastering for well-known artists.

Dogus Cihan


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